Saturday, 27 June 2009

3rd June 09

I decided to have a days fishing at the lake at Callac. There was a market and several shops that Heather wanted to visit so I thought I would try my luck. This lake is very attractive and to me just looks fishy with a nice tinge of colour. Access is excellent and the banks nice and flat. I have fished here before, but to be honest it was disappointing because I had just a few roach. I was told by the locals that there are no bream but a good head of roach and some good tench and carp. I thought a little hemp might be handy so how's this for last minute preparation.

I started on a light rig in 7ft of water at about 12 metres. The chap next to me said I wasn't really in the area for tench and carp so a 3 elastic seemed ok and I was soon catching some roach on caster. Then I was into a lump. I was fairly sure it was a tench but just couldn't get its head up. I had it on for some time but just as I thought I was winning the bloody elastic snapped. I was really annoyed with myself. I knew all the top sets for this pole need new elastics, but I just hadn't found time and now I had paid the price. The weather was again blazing hot with the wind easterly, in these conditions I didn't rate my chances of another. For the next couple of hours I picked off roach steadily but no pounders or anything. Heather rejoined me and just as we were thinking about packing up I was in to another lump. This time on an 8 elastic landing the fish was fairly straightforward because despite its strong runs the water is fairly open and snag free. I forgot my scales so couldn't weigh it but it was its colouring and condition that impressed me, a lovely fish! I ended with 27 roach and this tench.

5th June 09

I always said that in these blogs I will tell of bad days as well as good and they don't get much worse than this. Lets call it 3 bleak hours. I have always wanted to go back to Hennebont to fish for mullet on the lower Blavet because I caught a couple here a few years back.I have been interested in these powerful and difficult to catch fish ever since , but for whatever reasons have only fished for them once since at Pontrieux. Then I blanked in the most horrendous cloudburst. Well this time I had a cunning plan to fish a method feeder for them but within 2 casts, disaster! Despite the depth of 8 feet a slimy green algae covering the bottom and a foot above and just to make life difficult a rocky bottom meant I was losing feeder after feeder. The mullet were everywhere! hundreds of them. Within seconds of casting, liners galore. Well I popped baits up and put shot + foam in a maggot feeder to feather it down and hey presto I am into a good fish . YES! A good mullet 3 times to the rim of the net then bang, hook pulled out. Desperation , now down to 3 feeders which could be modified but confident I will get another fish. Lost next fish foulhooked and also feeder, 2 left! Had a go on the float but any reasonable bait just got murdered by bleak, I even caught 3 on a size 10! Back to those precious feeders.I was just modifying when the heavens opened. Despite my determination to carry on the water was running down the bank behind me and the first crack of lightning persuaded me that 12 foot of carbon wasn't the best thing to wave about. Totally defeated I packed the soggy kit up . You should have seen Heathers face when it was being loaded into her shiny new car. 2 miles up the road lovely evening sunshine and not a drop. Tell it like it was , awful!

Calm before the storm!