Friday, 7 August 2009

Every year Chinese Fred and his wife Judy spend a week in Silfiac. Here is an account of Freds fishing.

The first 5 days were baking hot, temps into the 30's C. Despite this I still had weights up to 20lbs.On the last day of this heat I had 20 bream on the feeder at Bon Repos one evening for some 70lbs. this despite a blank 1st 2 hours.

Some of Freds bream.

I intended going back the following day but an almighty storm put the river into flood so I had a go on the canal just north of Silfiac. This turned out to be an inspired move, as after a slow start I was sacking up on tench, bream, hybrids and rudd , some of these rudd up to 11/2 lbs. altogether about 45lbs.

The man himself.

I also enjoy fishing for the chub, you need to know where to go but there are some munters about and they scrap hard.

Nice chub to 4 1/2lbs

I have enjoyed the fishing in the area , some years have been better than others but it has never been crap. Most years are good and last year I had a huge catch of bream at Bon Repos. The area is so calm and you see hardly any other anglers.

Finally I suppose I will have to let you into my success with the terrapin fishing. Years of hard work , study of their habits and amazing skill have made me Brittany's top turtle catcher with 2 specimens while the rest of the Brits have yet to capture a single one. Just skill thats all folks.

How does he do it?

See you later readers!

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